What factors affect the compaction of subgrade


The compactquality of roadsurface is one of the most important internal indicators of road engineering construction quality management. Only by fully compacting the roadbed and pavement structure layer can the strength, stiffness, stability and flatness of the roadbed road surface be guaranteed, thus prolonging the service life of the roadbed road surface.


In the process of road-based road compacting, the compacting technology, as a widely used construction technology, has a very significant practical application effect. It mainly uses the principle of gravity hammer to compact the roadbed road surface, which can enhance the stability of the roadbed road surface, improve the flatness of the roadbed road surface, and further improve the quality of the project.


 Loess roadbed pressure implementer

In the process of carrying out the implementation of the loess road foundation pressure, the staff needs to diffuse the moisture in the soil and strengthen the loess soil mass continuously, so as to achieve the effect of compacting the soil, so as to ensure the quality of the loess roadfoundation compaction project. In addition, construction personnel should strictly control the number of their stamping, but also to ensure that the optimal soil moisture content can not be changed. This requires the construction personnel to use the slow approach of the embankment edge compaction construction work, effectively prevent the collapse of the embankment during the construction process, and for the folds generated by the press adjuster for a second crush.




                                     Over-wet soil pressure implementer  

Construction personnel should strictly in accordance with the design compaction standards and related research data, the use of scientific and reasonable compaction methods to compact the surface of the over-wet soil, this soil pressure real-time, and ordinary soil, should reduce compaction by 2 to 3%, in order to reduce soil consistency. And select the light compaction standard as the underpass bed for construction of the filler, and in the process of improving the nature of the construction filler, can increase the amount of native lime application, and on the reinforcement can choose a new type of construction water-absorbing material.


 Hydraulic vibration compacting machine in addition to the vibration force is obviously greater than the vibration plate, the outstanding feature is large amplitude, for the vibration flat bed more than ten times to dozens of times, with shock pressure effectiveness, filling layer thickness, compaction can reach the highway and other high-grade basic requirements, with the vibration compactor supporting the use of, handling corner, bridge back and so on.