Double Twelve promotion, Thank you for being with me along the way




Did you shopping in the net during the last Double Eleven Promotion? According to statistics, the Double Eleven Promotion turnover exceeded 10 billion, and it only took 1 minute and 36 seconds. Till 24:00 on November 11, the total transaction value of Tmall's "Double 11" reached 268.4 billion yuan, increase 25.7% compared with last year. Jingdong's "Double 11" cumulative transaction value exceeded 204.4 billion yuan, increase 27.9% compared with last year. People say they don't know what will happen on Double 12. Owning to high-speed express delivery logistics system. Many people exclaimed: Before I regret it, the courier has arrived.



Looking back upon Double Eleven Promotion, almost a month has passed. Anyway, I don't particularly want to buy anything, but just to buy, the countdown is so exciting, I want to buy.


What did you experience during Double Eleven? In order to pursuit fill 400 RMB only pay 350, fill 200 RMB only pay 180. we calculator and calculate, then start a variety of buying. We set alarms at 0 o'clock. Store discounts, store coupons, and shopping allowances, I feel as if I have saved "one hundred million", hahaha!



Many people dont buy right products on Double 11, the n they can choose to buy them on Double 12December 12 is also a shopping festival. During this festival, there will be red envelopes and discounts. The price of goods is lower than usual.



Beiyi also has big promotion on 12.12. Come and buy them.

20T hydraulic pulverizer, original price: 40,000 RMB, current price: 29,999 RMBTime: from now to December 30, limited number, first come first get.




Hydraulic pulverizer: used on excavators, crushing house beams and concrete, removing steel bars. Useful excavator attachments





The working efficiency of hydraulic pulverizer is two or three times that of hydraulic breaker. It can do a series of tasks excellently: Separate steel bar from concrete block, bent and loaded them on the truck, significantly improving the work efficiency; the operation is completely mechanized , Safe and time-saving.