Recycling resources is a economic development model that continue to recycle materials, It is becoming a global trend. The strategy of sustainable development has been unanimously agreed by everyone. Sustainable development meets needs of contemporary humans without compromising to future generations. We pay attention to the quantity of economic growth as well as the quality.


Beiyi Machinfollows the national sustainable development strategy, has joined the China Resources Recycling Association as the seventh member. We have developed a variety of Renewable Resource Recycling Equipment.


Recycling equipment--Hydraulic shear


Hydraulic Shear is suitable for various operations, including breaking the steel structure, scrap steel processing and other applications, cut iron material, steel, tank and tube etc, unique design and innovative ways to ensure the efficient operation and powerful cutting force, than ordinary hydraulic shear performance beyond 15% .


Recycling equipment--Double cylinder hydraulic shear


Strong strength, big up and close of the mouth, sturdy and durable, lightweight and quick speed! Ace products, Ace warranty! We improved the structure according to the existing hydraulic concrete pulverizer. At the same time to improve construction efficiency, it can cut the rebar in the broken concrete construction, which solved the existing Hydraulic Pulverizer problem of can’t clearing away the rebar in the broken concrete construction and the technical problems of low construction efficiency.


Recycling equipment--H-beam Hydraulic Pile Extractor


Beam Pile Extractor grip the pile head with its clip and hydraulic cylinder compulsory jacked pile clamping apparatus, make it rise up a certain distance, then pull out pile hop by hop. It is used in clay, sand or containing a small amount of gravel soil to pull out the i-beam pile or h-beam steel piles.

H-beam Hydraulic Pile Extractor is mainly used in municipal construction, pipe laying,engineering, sewage treatment, supporting the construction of tunnel. Recycle the H-beam steel piles to reduce the disposable of h-beam piles and reduce construction cost.The whole machine can adapt narrow space and insufficient space on the top of site.