BICES 2019, From September 4th to 7th, the 15th China (Beijing) International Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery and Mining Machinery Exhibition and Technology Exchange Conference with the theme of “Zhilian World, Green Painting Future” has successfully ended.


With the steady growth of China's construction machinery production and sales, this exhibition showed a relatively hot scene, focusing on the high-quality development of China's construction machinery industry. The number of exhibitors are 200 more than previous session. It has displayed more than 10,000 kinds of mechanical products such as engineering, building materials and mines. 5G remote control equipment and new energy equipment represent the direction of high-quality development of the industry. .
In this exhibition, BeiYi Machinery and other thousands exhibitors through our unique exhibition hall design and exhibition equipments, expressed a wonderful and infinite technology feeling to audiences.

Our equipments include: Round pile breaking machine, Vibratory pile driver, Hydraulic shear, Hydraulic pulverizer, Double cylinder hydraulic pulverizer, Earth drill, Hydraulic compactor and so on.
The hydraulic pile breaker uses a highly modular combination. Through the pin coupling module, the diameter of the pile head can be cut off by a combination of different module numbers.

Vibratory pile driver is used to draw photovoltaic piles, cement pipe piles, steel pipe piles, steel sheet piles, 8m square concrete precast piles, wooden piles (hydraulic pile drivers).
Hydraulic shear is used to cut off scrap steel, steel, cans, pipes and other scrap steel.
Excavator attachmetns
As a well-known manufacturer of piling machine and excavator attachments. Beiyi booth is full of customers. With brochures, live videos and on-site introductions of professional sales managers, customers can understand more about BeiYi products.
It is not a Ending-BeiYi will meet you in 2021