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Origin of Mid-autumn Day

Since ancient time,The Mid-Autumn Festival includes worship and enjoy moon, eat moon cakes, enjoy and drink sweet-scented osmanthus wine etc. It have been passed down till now.

The Mid-Autumn Festival celebrates people get together and pray for a good harvest and happiness. It became a colorful and precious cultural.

The origin of Mid-Autumn Festival was first seen in “Zhou Li”, “Book of Rites and Moonlight” , it said that it originated from the ancient emperor's ritual activities or related to agricultural production.


1. Pray moon

"Li ji" has record of "Autumn Festival", means to worship the moon god, at this time it is necessary to hold a ceremony and set the incense. In the Zhou Dynasty, in Mid-Autumn Festival, the Yinghan and Pray moon ceremony will be held. Set up a large incense case, put on moon cakes, watermelon, apples, red dates, plums, grapes and others, among them moon cakes and watermelons are absolutely indispensable, watermelons must be cut into lotus shapes. Among the ethnic minorities, the habit of worship the moon is also prevalent.

2. Watching Moon

According to story, a ugly woman named Wuyan. When she was a child, she used to worship the moon. When she grew up, she entered the palace with superb character, but she was not favored. One year of August 15th, she was seen by the emperor in the moonlight. Emperor felt she was so beautiful and she become the queen, Pray moon in Mid-Autumn Festival came from it.

Chang'e is famous for her beauty. Therefore, girls worship the moon and wish to become as beautiful as Chang'e. In the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Yunnan Yi people also have this custom.


3. Pray for Moon

The custom of enjoying the moon in the Mid-Autumn Festival was very popular in the Tang Dynasty. Many poets have the verses of Haoyue in their famous articles. In the Song Dynasty, the Mid-Autumn Festival was more prosperous, on this day, many people enjoy it.

The activities in the Ming and Qing Dynasties are much larger than before. There are many historical sites such as the "Yueyuetan", "Yueyue Pavilion" and "Wangyuelou" in China.

The poets have a special liking for the moon. They either go to tall building or rafting to enjoy the moon, drink bear and write poetry, leaving a lot of good poems behind.

For example, Du Fu’s “Night Month in August 15th” used the moon to reflect his loneliness. The Song Dynasty writer  Su shi got drunk and write poetry of “Shui Diao Ge Tou” to express feeling of leaving people.
Till now, whole family sit together and enjoy the beautiful moon is still one of the essential activities of the Mid-Autumn Festival.


4 Guessing

In the Mid-Autumn Festival, there are many lanterns hanging in public places. People gather together and guess the riddles written on the lanterns. Because they are the favorite activities of most young men and women, they also have love stories in these activities, so the Mid-Autumn Festival riddles. It has also been derived from a form of love between men and women.


5. Play the lantern
Mid-Autumn Festival does not have a large lantern like the Lantern Festival. Lanterns are mainly popular between families and children. As early as The Northern Song Dynasty “Wu Lin Jiu Shi”, it recorded that place lantern in the river to float and play. Play lanterns are mostly in the south. For example, at the autumn meeting of Foshan, there are various kinds of lanterns: sesame lamp, eggshell lamp, wood shaving lamp, straw lamp, fish scale lamp, chaff lamp, melon seed lamp and bird and beast tree lamp.