It is the most suitable for working in sand and poorer effect in the clay which must select higher power model machines.
It is mainly applied to steel sheet pile, steel pipe pile and long slender concrete precast pile within 8 meters
The efficient of vibration pile method is higher than other methods


Bridge engineering is an important part of highway engineering, driven by the continuous development of science and technology, bridge construction technology has made great development.
The construction of bridge engineering is a complex, cumbersome and meticulous work, and it is susceptible to other factors. Therefore, the use of bridge piling driver machine must follow the appropriate system to ensure that all aspects of work in place, good quality. 

Bridge works in the construction of cofferdam, be sure to follow the following order:
(1) steel sheet pile finishing, transportation and stacking
(2) guide structure for sheet pile construction
(3) pile cap and pile. Water piling need to send pile.(4) steel sheet pile to the design elevation. 

Some bridge works, pipe pile can be directly driver into the water , support the bridge, the pier is finished and then pull out. According to the piling position, the use of excavators in the land or water directly piling.



 Also known as hydraulic vibration hammer, installed in the front of the excavator, the use of excavator power, bridge pile driver vibration force, the pile weight drive steel sheet pile, steel pipe Pile and so on into the soil. Pull the pile, in the case of vibration, the excavator to pull up the pile.