It operates easily and has high effiency, low noise, low cost in the pile cutting construction process,
hydraulic round pile breaker can break pile diameter from 200-2500mm which can meet the requirements of all kinds of large-scale infrastructure construction.
Hydraulic pile breaker can break such like cast-in-place piles, precast piles etc


13 large bridge, 7 bridges and 6 middle bridges in total 25 main line bridge, a total of 590 hole box girder, and Qingcheng station pull-out line willow ditch bridge 6 hole single-track T-beam frame construction, in which 32m box beam 552 holes, 24m box beam 38 holes, 32mT beam 6 holes.

When concrete strength to meet the standard requirements,the construction side using BY-MK180S pile cutter to break the pile head. Construction site is mainly reinforced concrete pile and CFG pile, pile diameter of 1 m 5 , after pile elevation elevation required to cut pile about 2 meters. The use of retrieval machinery is the excavator and crane (adjusted according to the actual situation), by the construction staff will assist in cutting pile driver into the pile, cut once every 300-500mm.